Zakaj Specialty kava?

Specialty Coffee is a synonym for quality. Quality in all aspects. We are talking about coffee with tracebility which means we know where that coffee was growing, how was she grown and also when it was harvested. We also get informations about coffee process, we know how long it was traveling to roastieries. Roastery is the next one to guarantue tracebility of roasting, roasting profile and date of roasting. Last in chain is a barista or you. With choosen coffee you can prepare drink that you like & enjoy.

Quality beans grows at higher altitudes


Roastery is also taking it’s time to find a farm or cooperatives, they follow offer lists and order coffee samples. They roast the samples and make cupping. It helps them pick the best coffee for their vision of taste palette. After that they order bigger quantities of coffee and they start to perfect the roasting profile for specific varietal which of course takes some time.

Flavours in Specialty coffee are more developed because of many different reasons. Freshness of green and roasted bean is essential. It’s good to have Single Origin coffee or Blend which consists of different Single Origins. I don’t know if you heard that already but same varietal, growing on different farms, means different taste. More geografically appart the farms are, the more different will the taste of same varietal be.  Farmers got new knowledge in past few decades which increased the quality of Arabica coffee. The most quality beans are growing at higher altitudes. where the growth is slower. That means the production is smaller but the bean has more time to develope aromats. Coffee is than hand picked at it’s peak ripeness for best flavour. Specialty coffee is rated 80+.

Speed is not essential

As you can see, speed is not essential in Specialty coffee. Everbody involved in processing a coffee bean know that very well and therefor they are not rushing it. Even when we make Specialty coffee at home it requires some time, calmness and focus from us. It’s proven that this is a beautiful routine for the morning that helps you get in focus for the rest of the day. Meanwhile we prepare ourselves wonderful coffee.

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