Specialty Cocoa Colombia CHIGORODO

We have it! You can now find Specialty cocoa from Colombia in our offer. Very vreamy and aromatic, sweetened with stevia. Treat yourself with drink ffor the gods. Kids will love it.


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Specialty cocoa! Enjoy in a cup of creamy and aromatic cocoa. Everyone will like it since it’s optimally sweetened with stevia. Quantities are limited.

REGION: Chigorodo, Antioquia

FARM/MILL: Acefuver association

PROCESS: Natural + fermentation

HARVEST: November-February

VARIETAL: Trinitario


Ripe cocoa fruit is open and only healthy grains are selected. Next step is fermentation in wooden barrels. First 48 hours, fermentation is anaerobic and barrels are not moved. In the next 5 days, barrels are turned every 12 hours. Fermentation time is around 7 days, cca. 168 hours. Cocoa beans are also dried by sun, on raised african beds. Drying process can take up to 5 days, depends on moisture level. Next step is roasting cocoa beans. Roasting style depends on the cocoa varietal. Roasting additionaly dries out the bean and kills off any lurking bacteria. After that, beans are crushed manually or by a machine. Screen size is 20 microns. They are left with wet cocoa mass. Tampering cocoa pushes out oils-cocoa butter, that is later used in making chocolate. Cocoa butter is used for making chocolate later. They get dry fine cocoa powder, which is mixed either with powder milk or sugar, in our case stevia.


Antioquia is a very rural part of Colombia, closest city is Chigorodo. Acefuver association is helping small farmers sell their product and they also process it. These small farmers are mostly indogenous people, afro-Colombian people and many different people who fled their home towns because of guerillas taking over their living space. Acefuver association is helping more than 230 small farmers.