Papua New Guinea KANGE

Papua New Guinea KANGE coffee is darker roasted, suitable for lovers of classics or those who do not like fruit acids in coffee. Complex with flavors of blackberry and dark chocolate. Freshly roasted seasonal coffee.


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Papua New Guinea KANGE- complex, with a large body


FARM / MILL: Kange Coffee


HEIGHT: 1700-1800 m above sea level

TRADE: September

TYPE: Typica, Bourbon, Arusa

FLAVOR PROFILE: Dark Chocolate, Blackberry, Complex

We have found an unusual coffee from Papua New Guinea for you. After harvesting, the coffee beans are squeezed out of the coffee cherries the same day. The coffee beans are then fermented in a special tank for 25-30 hours. After that, they sort the coffees, those that float on the water are removed as these are imperfectly developed cherries. Coffee beans are dried in the sun, to a moisture content of 11% -12.5%. In the meantime, turn them several times a day so that no defects occur during drying.


The Hagen region is located in the immediate vicinity of the Baiyer River. The area is known as the Baiyer River Sanctuary, where we find the richest range of wild birds and other animal species. Among them we find various species of birds of paradise, tree kangaroos and a real special among the animal species Cuscus.