Exclusively at us-100% Fine Robusta. Full dark chocolate body and buttery mouthfeel. A hint of black pepper for special kick. Robusta has more caffeine than Arabica so it’s suitable for people who have trouble with staying awake. 🙂

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100% Fine Robusta- first timer in our offer. Full dark chocolate body and buttery mouthfeel with a hint of black pepper.

REGION: Chiapas, Tapachula

FARM/MILL: Finca Fulda, farmer Rainer Böhme


ALTITUDE: 700-900 masl.

HARVEST: November-March

VARIETAL: Romex Mexican-100% Fine Robusta

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Buttery, Dark chocolate, Black pepper


Coffee is hand picked fully ripe and immediately processed First they make selection and exclude any defects or unripe cherries. Next step is depulping machine and after that the drying process on raised african beds. Washed process of Robusta pushes out unpleasant taste and bitterness. It’s left with pleasant creamy buttery feeling in the mouth and aromatic taste. Coffee beans are dried on the sun. After drying process, beans are sorted again and prepared for transport.


Finca Fulda was established in the 80’s by Rainer Böhme, who wanted to have its own coffee farm. Years passed and he was always on the look for new knowledge and coffee trends. His farm stretches from 700 masl to 1450 masl, both Robustas and Arabicas are cultivated there. He also established school for workers children, since he cares a lot about social problems. The farm is ecological, they have their own water stream and electricity source.

!! Fine Robusta coffee has more caffeine than Arabica coffee. If you need a powerful caffeine kick, this is the right coffee for you.


1.200 g, 100 g, 250 g