MAGIC WATER makes any water from the water system taste better. It is excellent especially where we cannot access filtered water, but we want its correct taste and composition. Good water=good extraction=good coffee.


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”Would you like to be able to prepare good coffee anywhere in the world, no matter the water source? We recommend that you take MAGIC WATER with you. It will breathe the necessary freshness and liveliness into any kind of water. With this kind of water, every coffee drink will taste great. ”

What is MAGIC WATER and where to use it?

MAGIC WATER stands on the findings of the fourth phase of water. It is a natural liquid with a wide spectrum of action, which strengthens the coherence of the biofield. MAGIC WATER is not a stimulant but a natural biofield enhancer without additives. In the coffee world, it can be used as an aid to help extract the best flavors from coffee. We don’t all have filter systems at home and access to extremely clean water, so our coffee doesn’t always taste the best. MAGIC WATER will help us with preparing good tasting coffee and extract pleasant flavors of fruit, flowers, sweetness and nuts from coffee. It will reduce the bitter taste. The taste of coffee will thus be more transparent as it will not be disturbed by the various substances contained in the water from the water (water supply) network system.


Use it at home, while traveling or in professional barista work

You can use MAGIC WATER at home, 1-2 sprays will already improve the taste of coffee – the amount depends on the quality of water you have at your location. When traveling, MAGIC WATER is extremely useful, it not only improves the taste of coffee but also the taste of water itself. Try it on your next trip

Don’t like the taste of bottled water? Add 1-2 sprays to it and enjoy the fresh taste and velvety mouthfeel of the water. It can also be used by coffee professionals, in a wide variety of coffee preparations – from espresso to cold brew coffee.

MAGIC WATER has a very wide range of usage, try it in other drinks and taste the differences yourself – before and after. The main feature is the emphasis on pleasant tastes and the elimination of unpleasant ones.


MAGIC WATER is the result of many years of research by the SPIRIT021 Educational Research Center, where together with nature and technology they are looking for solutions for better living conditions for humans, animals, plants and all other organisms with whom we coexist. Their technology has been present in our HI KO FI café from the very beginning, where many people marvel at the quality of our water and the sweetness of our coffee. We wish that you, our dear customers, could always enjoy quality water and other beverages made up of water.


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