Kenya MAGANJO coffee boasts a very strong fruity note of black currant. Coffee that will completely awaken your senses. Transparent coffee flavors made possible by the washing process. Fruit bomb for coffee enthusiasts.

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Kenya MAGANJO coffee – a fruit bomb of black currant, washed process provides more transparent flavors.


After picking the coffee, it is immediately time to sort and evaluate the coffee. The primary treatment process involves the mechanical depulping of the cherries with the help of a depulper and fresh water coming from the Ragati River. The rest of the pulp is removed through a fermentation process that breaks down the remaining sugars, then the coffee is further washed with water. The coffee bean is now washed but the coffee is still inside the parchment. They start drying this on you. solar beds to a moisture content of 10.5-11%. Coffee beans are turned regularly to ensure even drying. The dried coffee beans are then left to rest in condensing containers. This is followed by the last part of the process, which is the removal of the coffee wrapper, the re-sorting of the coffee beans by hand and the preparation for transport. Coffee travels from the port of Mombasa.

The Maganjo Farmers Association is located in Iriana, Mathira within the Nyeri region. It belongs to the higher-lying areas of Kenya. It is found at the foot of Mt. Kenye in Aberdare. The region is famous for its high-quality coffee, which is often called the “home of Kenyan coffee.” Coffee from Kenya will impress all lovers of strong acids in coffee.