Ethiopia EDIDO

Ethiopia EDIDO is a naturally processed coffee, with an exceptional fruity note of strawberry.

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REGION: Yirgacheffe (Edido Kebele)

FARM / MILL: Edido wetmill

PROCESS: Natural

HEIGHT: 1900-2100 m asl

TRADE: October-January

TYPE: Indigenous Heirloom

TASTE PROFILE: Strawberries and cream, Peach, Milk chocolate, Grapes

RATING: 89.5


“Kebele” from Edid is located in the Yirgacheffe region not far from Aricha. Over the years, the region has developed a special reputation, its micro lots are extremely sought after. The combination of high altitudes, fertile soil, regular and abundant rain and the knowledge of the locals contribute to the high status of coffee from the Yirgacheffe region. Indigenous Heirlooms, which grow in the wild in Ethiopia, are responsible for the unique taste profiles that are unusual but at the same time so sought after. The natural process with the help of the sun’s rays manages to capture the characteristic juicy and marmalade ringlo flavors, chocolate and creamy coffee with a full body.