India RATNAGIRI has a distinctive taste. Beautifully expressed ripe pineapple, complemented by yogurt and creamy nougat. Acids are not strongly expressed, just right for versatile use.

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India RATNAGIRI-gently fruity, beautifully expressed sweet pineapple and notes of yogurt and nougat

REGION: Bababudangiri

FARM / MILL: Ratnagiri Estate

PROCESS: Honeymoon

HEIGHT: 1280-1417 m.n.v.

HARVESTING: December-March

TYPE: Catuai

FLAVOR PROFILE: Pineapple, Yogurt, Hazelnut


At Ratnagiri Estate (India) they are aware of the importance of land and its quality. They test it regularly and enrich it with organic corrections. Ionized seawater and seaweed extract are added to improve immune resistance and sugar levels. The Brix test is done before the cherries start picking. After harvesting, partial boning occurs, leaving some sweet mucus around the grain. Coffee is dried on raised beds, under 50% shade, for 16 to 20 days. During this time, the cherries are further sorted, turned every 3 hours and covered at night to protect them from moisture.


Ratnagiri or “Pearl Mountain” is located in the western Ghats. It has such a name because of the old, silver-colored, oak trees, which also provide natural shade to coffee trees. The current owner of the estate, Ashok, has been working with coffee in his blood since the estate has been owned by his family since 1920. It is an organic / biodynamic farm with Rainforest Alliance certification. The estate is also home to many plant and animal species, which further motivates the owners to produce organic and harmonious coffee.

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