India CHAMUNDI coffee surprises with its fruitiness and juiciness. MICRO LOT coffee, especially among Indian coffees. Accented fruity notes of cherry and peach, rounded off with the sweetness of muscovado. Coffee that surprises even an experienced drinker.

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MICRO LOT coffee India CHAMUNDI- surprises with its pronounced fruity notes and juiciness.

REGION: Chikmagalur (Mudigere)

FARM / MILL: Chamundi Coffee Curing Works

PROCESS: Honeymoon

HEIGHT: 870-1036 m.n.v.

TRADING: November- February

TYPE: Catuai, Sarchimore, S795, S9

FLAVOR PROFILE: Muscovado, Cherry, Peach compote

FLAVOR: 85.4

This coffee comes from MICRO LOT. It grows in a territory that has a rich microenvironment with many different plant and animal species that further enrich the soil. It is rich in humus, organic matter, many positive minerals, which also allow the development of rare earth microbes and fungi, which are extremely useful. Coffee that grows on such soils has an exceptional profile taste due to its richness. In the honey process, they leave some mucus on the coffee bean and then dry it in the sun for 11 days. Through the coffee drying process, constant control takes place. They make sure that the coffee is not in too strong sun or that it is not in too much dew at night. This ensures the consistency of the coffee drying and reduces the chances of defects.

Inside Chikmagalur, we find Hoysala buildings located in the western “ghats” of India, the land of the Hoysala kings. It belongs to UNESCO. The Western Ghats are older than the Himalayas and are considered one of the most biologically diverse places in the world. The coffee that grows in this area is due to the rich variety of soils, tastes different than elsewhere in India.