Guatemala SANTO TOMAS PACHUJ-decaf

Decaffeinated (decaf) coffee Guatemala SANTO TOMAS PACHUJ is intended for everyone who is sensitive to caffeine but enjoys the taste of coffee. Let yourself be seduced by the delicate taste of green apple, dark chocolate and sugar cane.

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CAFE-FREE (decaf) coffee Guatemala SANTO TOMAS PACHUJ-gentle taste of dark chocolate and green apple.

REGION: Atitlan

FARM / MILL: Santo Tomas Pachuj


HEIGHT: 1500 m above sea level

TRADE: November-February

TYPE: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon

FLAVOR PROFILE: Dark chocolate, Sugar cane, Green apple

The first DECAF coffee in our offer. Due to a special CO2 treatment process, this coffee has no caffeine. It is hand-picked at the time of optimal ripeness of coffee cherries. They rest in the fermentation tank for an average of 36 hours. After fermentation, the grains are squeezed out and washed in spring water. They are dried in the sun for about 12 days or. up to a humidity level of 11.5%. The last step in production is sorting the grains according to size and preparing the packaging for the journey towards us.


The Santo Tomas Pachuj reserve is located in the Atitlan region. They are not only coffee growers but also care for endangered animal and plant species. Their great passion is also bees. They own over 400 beehives, where they produce over 9000 kg of natural honey annually.