Guatemala coffee FINCA PENA BLANCA for lovers of dark chocolate and sweet flavors. Gentle acids of roasted cherries and sweetness of molasses. Coffee is suitable for lovers of classics as well as for more demanding coffee drinkers.

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Guatemala FINCA PENA BLANCA coffee – the sweetness of roasted cherries and the rounded body of dark chocolate will satisfy both lovers of classic coffee and more demanding coffee drinkers.

Ripe cherry coffees are placed in a pool of water, floating removed as they are immature. Cherry coffees with the highest density sink to the ground and are of higher quality and fully ripe. The selected cherries are then carefully depulped to remove the skin and pulp but retain 100% of the mucus around the coffee bean. The coffee is then very carefully dried for about 12 days, depending on the weather conditions. When the coffee reaches its optimal moisture content, it is transported to the so-called. dry mill, where the parchment is removed. The coffee is then selected by hand, arranged according to the size of the coffee bean and prepared for transport.

The Santa Rosa area lies on the south coast of Guatemala, not far from El Salvador. The region is rich in fertile volcanic soil, high altitudes, abundant rainfall and varied humidity, making it ideal for growing coffee. In the mornings, the region is often covered with clouds and fog, which by noon turns into a sunny and warm day, which allows consistent and controlled drying of coffee. Guatemala is famous for its coffee and its chocolate notes and gentle acids.