Gabi MASTER A is a coffee gadget for preparing filter coffee but with a drip system. Very easy to use, especially good for beginners. Suitable for traveling.


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Gabi MASTER A prepares coffee almost by itself. We recommend it for first time users of coffee and for those who like the taste of filter coffee. 

It consists of three parts that are easy to assemble and to clean. Work well for traveling too. Made from durable plastic and very light to carry around.

Gabi is a drip system. All you need to do is rinse the filter with water, add coffee, and pour water into the top part. Everything else she does for you. Preparation will take you 2-3 minutes, depends on your coffee recipe. To use GABI you will need GABI paper filters.

Gabi is a great system for preparing filter coffee. It’s especially nice to new coffee users. It allows you to prepare a good cup of coffee without a lot of knowledge or effort.

Maybe Gabi will be the one to convince you about the great taste of filter coffee.