Ethiopia NEGUSSIE GEMEDA comes from a coffee famous Sidamo region. It’s naturally processed, which gives full body and creamy chocolate mouthfeel. These notes are accompanied by pleasant tasting notes of currant and apricot. Aroma is all about flowers and fruits.

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Ethiopia NEGUSSIE GEMEDA- very aromatic and complex coffee which impresses year after year.

REGION: Keramo, Bure, Sidamo

FARM/MILL: Negussie Gemeda

PROCESS: Natural

ALTITUDE: 2100 masl

HARVEST: October-January

VARIETAL: Indogenous Heirloom

TASTING NOTES: Black currant candy, Flowers, Apricot, Dark chocolate

After picking, ripe cherries are dried on the sun for around 15 days. Cherries have to be turned periodically in order to not catch any mold or overferment. When cherries achieve optimal moisture content, they depulp them and sort them by size. Any leftover defect are also taken out. Asorted coffee then gets ready to be shipped to final destinations.

Sidamo region is famous for fertile soil, high altitudes and plentiful sunshine, just what coffee needs. Coffee cherries can mature over longer period of time and develop more aromas. Region is well known in world of coffee. We can find a lot of indogenous Hierlooms here who are famous for jammy tropical and stone fruits note and light flower notes. Negussie Gemeda lives in a Hayisa village and grows coffee and other crops on his 3 hectares big land, which gives 15000kg of coffee cherries per year. Negussie was also the winner of first ever Ethiopia Cup of Excellence. His coffee was awarded with 91,4 points.



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