Complex and elegant Colombia Florestales will make your taste buds happy in any way you prepare it. Enjoy aroma of orange flowers and sweet fruity notes.

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Complex and elegant Colombia FLORESTALES has lovely notes of orange flower and lots of sweet fruity notes.

REGION: Tolima

FARM/MILL: Florestales-Maximino Gutiérrez


ALTITUDE: 1800-1900 masl

HARVEST: October-January

VARIETAL: Yellow Caturra

TASTING NOTES: Molasses, Orange flower, Red apple, Hazelnut

Ripe coffee cherries are hand picked. Coffee is transferred to water tanks, where floaters are discarded. Coffee cherries are fermented for 20 hours within an open non submerged system. After this, they get depulped and fermented without water for additional 36 hours. Drying process can take part now. Coffee is dried until optimal humidity of coffee bean is reached. After that, coffee is packed in GranPro bags and left to rest for at least 15 days.

Maximino was born on a coffee farm, which he inherited back in 1990. He is taking care of his farm together with his family and workers. In 2019 he planted first Gesha plants in order to raise his coffee production quality. They also grow planatos, yucca, oranges and lemons which they use to feed their family and workers. Farm is environmentally friendly and uses agricultural practices that help with conservation of soil. They clean their coffee plantations with a scythe. The farm has 3 hectares of primary forest which is their pride and joy.


Complex coffee, prepare it on turkish, mokka, espresso, filter.

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