Exclusively at us! Naturally processed coffee which is fermented for 200 hours with incredible notes of cocoa, guava and banana. Directly from Colombia, from Danilo Perez, for your joy.

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Colombia DANILO PÉREZ- fermented for 200 hours, naturally processed, very aromatic notes of cocoa, guava and banana.


FARM/MILL: Guacanas

PROCESS: Natural+ anaerobic fermentation (200 hours)

ALTITUDE: 1650 masl

HARVEST: October-March


TASTING NOTES: Cocoa, Guava, Banana


Very fermented coffee. Coffee is picked fully ripe and immediately processed. This is coffee is fermented anaerobicaly for 50 hours. After that coffee is placed in grainpro bags and submerged in water tank, that has around 22 degrees celsius, for another 70 hours. This prevents coffee to over ferment. After that they dry it on raised beds until it reached 18% moisture content. Next step is to put coffee in grainpro bags again and dry it on raised beds until it reaches 10,5% moisture content. This coffee is altogether fermented for almost 200 hours which gives it its special taste and aroma. A real treat for coffee lovers.


We are very proud to have coffee from Danilo Pérez. Danilo is a second generation of coffee growers. His father, Gilberto Pérez encouraged him to start processing natural coffee 3 years ago. FNC (National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia) did not allow export of naturally processed coffee a few years ago and informations on how to do it were very scarce. In year 2018 he teamed up with Cofinet, which gave him the necessary knowledge on how to process anaerobic naturals. Hard work and persistence resulted in one of the most exotic cup of coffee from Colombia. Coffee fermented for 200 hours is now available at HIKOFI, for you to enjoy it.

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