Chemex 6 CUP

Chemex 6 CUP is one of many variations for preparing filter coffee. This is a standard Chemex pitcher, with a wooden handle. For home use or coffeeshop.


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Chemex is perhaps a little less well known on Slovenian soil. Chemex is not a new gadget, it was made in 1941 in german laboratories.

The shape of Chemex is perfect for brewing coffee at home or in a coffeeshop. The wide throat gets narrow in the middle and holds a paper filter. The throat has a special notch for easier pouring of the coffee. The shape of the lower part of Chemex is designed to capture all aromas.

In order to brew coffee with Chemex, you will need a little bit of knowledge and practice. But you know… Practice makes perfect.

Chemex is a gadget for preparing coffee but also a great serving pitcher for coffee. So 2 in 1. His elegant design will work well in any environment.

Around the throat, a wooden handle is installed, for easier handling of hot coffee.
We recommend using Specialty coffee with fruity flavor profiles. Of course, it all depends on your taste.