Bialetti BRIKKA-4 cup

Bialetti BRIKKA 4 cup allows us to prepare espresso coffee at home without the use of a big old coffee machine. With new valve technology, we can get better extraction and a lot of crema. BRIKKA 4 cup is a great gadget for a bigger visit from your friends.


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A bigger variant of new Bialetti BRIKKA. For 4 cups of espresso.

New at Bialetti.

Brikka was developed especially for espresso lovers. Made with a special valve that regulates the pressure and provides crema every time.

Moka pot is maybe not so well known around the world, but in Italy and surrounding countries, it’s a staple.

If you don’t want to have an espresso machine at home this is something for you. It’s very easy to use and clean and guarantees great results. It’s made from aluminum, which provides hygiene standards.

They added a scale for water inside the Brikka, for easier use. It is also faster in preparing coffee than a regular Bialetti mokka pot.

Brikka is made from quality products that allow us to use it for many years. New technology allows us to control pressure better, it imitates the pressure control in a similar way that a coffee machine does.

The pressure pushes all the water through the coffee at once and makes a more even extraction. The result is coffee with a nice and full-body, better flavor profile and very nice crema. Easy to use and clean.

You can use it on any source of heat, except for the induction plate.

Brikka is suitable for people who love the concentrated flavor of coffee or espresso lovers.

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