Aeropress GO

Aeropress GO will accompany you on all your trips. All you need is some hot water, grinded coffee and you are good to go. For great coffee, wherever you are.


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”More options for preparing coffee, more options for different flavors. ”

Aeropress GO is a multipurpose gadget for preparing coffee, ideal for people who travel a lot. We can practice preparing coffee in different ways. We can use different coffee techniques and practice different preparations.

With Aeropress, we can make drip coffee, pour over coffee, and pour over +vacuum power.

Aeropress GO differs from classic Aeropress in few details. We can assemble it easily and a special cup is added to the set. In order to use Aeropress, you will need a little bit of practice and knowledge.

Because of its different ways of preparation, you’ll be able to enjoy different taste profiles. You will need a water heater and Aeropress filters (you get one pack with Aeropress), later you can get them separately.

It’s suitable for all coffee lovers, especially those who like to play with different ways of preparing coffee.

We recommend Aeropress GO as an ideal solution for people who travel a lot and are not willing to make compromises around coffee. You can prepare your favorite coffee on a sunny beach in the snowy mountains. All you need is coffee, hot water, and Aeropress GO.

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