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Preparing coffee at home can be one big fun and very easy once you figure out a few different recipes.It’s one big game with different participants each time. What is constantly changing is grind setting. Today we are gonna talk about different preparations and grind settings for each of them. We’ll do this in order, from fine to coarse grind.


In order to prepare good turkish coffee, you’ll need the finest grind setting your grinder can do. It has to be as fine as flour or slightly coarser. Why so fine you ask? Turkish coffee is known for its crema which is not possible without fine grind. We also want coffee grounds to sit at the bottom of our cup. That is only possible with very fine grind. The more consistent your grinder is, the better will coffee taste. EXAMPLE: Comandante grinder->6-10 clicks

Grind for turkish coffee
Grind size for turkish coffee-EXTRA FINE


Do you use espresso machine at home? Choose fine grinding. Coffee has to be coarser than turkish coffee grind. Indicator for suitable grinding is time of extraction. In our coffeeshop we use 21g of coffee in portafilter, that takes aprox. 30s and output is 40g of coffee liquid. This is just an example, every coffee has it’s own special settings. What matters the most is the taste of the coffee at the end. EXAMPLE: Comandante grinder->10-15 clicks

Grind size for espresso coffee
Grind size for espresso-FINE

Mokka pot grind size (BIALETTI)

There is a cheaper way to achieve coffee similar to espresso but without the espresso machine-BIALETTI BRIKKA. For this method we need coarser grinding than for espresso. We don’t press coffee with this metod, we just align coffee at the top of metal filter. In order to prepare coffee with BRIKKA (2 cup version), you’ll need aprox. 14g of coffee. Indicator for good extraction is nice crema, similar to that of espresso, but a little thinner and nice balanced taste- no bitterness, nice fruity acidity if we have fruity type of coffee. We should get around 75g of coffee extractaion. EXAMPLE: Comandante grinder-> 15-21 clicks

Ground coffee for mokka pot
Grind size for moka pot-FINE TO SLIGHTLY COARSE


Aeropress allows us to perform multiple different coffee preparations, therefore we can use very different grind sizes. We can prepare more concentrated coffee, that will remind us of espresso or coffee, that is closer to filter coffee in taste. For Aeropress we need fine grind, similar to one for espresso or coarse grind, similar to v60 or french press preparation. Main guide for preparing coffee with Aeropress should be your taste. We like to prepare it with coarsers type of grind setting. EXAMPLE: Comandante grinder-> 20-28 clicks

Grind size for Aeropress
One of grind settings for Aeropress-MEDIUM COARSE

In next blog we will write about grind settings for other types of preparation. Read our blog, try out different recipes and play with coffee. Exercise makes a master, and a master can only become one who does the exercise regularly.

You can check different grinders HERE .

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