different coffee grind sizes


Preparing coffee at home is one big fun with a few simple tricks. One of them is grinding setting. Once we try out a few different recipes it’s really easy. What changes all the time is grind setting so this blog is about it. This is second part of the blog about grinding coffee.

Grind size for v60

V60 is not a common way to prepare coffee. Its beginning are from Japan, inspired by tea ceremony. It’s quite popular in some parts of the world, especially in cities where specialty coffee scene is strong. There are many different recipes for you to explore and learn from. We recommend using water heater like HARIO, that has goose neck type of discharge. That makes pouring water much easier and precise. Grind setting for preparing v60 is slightly coarse. How to know if grind setting is okay? Your extraction should take somewhere beetwen 2.45 and 3.15 minutes. EXAMPLE: Comandante grinder-> 22-31 clicks (on the picture you can see top and bottom line of grind setting)

gooseneck kettle
Water heater with special shape of discharge-goose neck

v60 grind size
Grind size for v60-MIDDLE COARSE



French press and cupping

French press is one of the easiest ways to prepare coffee. We grind it and soak it in hot water, which takes aprox. 4 minutes. Ground coffee is removes from the water with a special lift, installed inside french press. Cupping is something that mainly coffee proffesionals use and it’s the most optimal way to try a lot of different coffee and not get coffee drunk, much. You can also make cupping with your friends inthe comforst of your home. Each of you can bring some coffee and then you can try them out. Grind setting for both of these is middle course. EXAMPLE: Comandante grinder-> 28-35 clicks

Suitable grind setting for french press and cupping-COARSE

Grind setting for Chemex

Chemex is a very interesting way of preparing coffee. At first glance it’s a little bit similar to v60. But there is an importnat difference in filter papers that we use and volume. Filter papers for Chemex are much thicker so they retain more oils and bitter taste. We can prepare larger quantities of coffee with Chemex. We need really coarce grind setting for it. Ideal extraction would take aprox. 4 minutes. We recommend trying out a few different recipes. Grind setting for Chemex is extra coarse. EXAMPLE: Comandante grinder-> 40-45 clicks

chemex grind size
Suitable grind setting for Chemex- EXTRA COARSE

  So there you have it. These grind settings should help you with preparing delicious coffee at home. We also added pictures for you to compare your ground coffee at home. To summarize, you will need the finest grind setting for turkish coffee and the extra coarse for Chemex. Share your coffee preparation at home with use and use #hikoficoffee



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