How to prepare good coffee at home?

Coffee at home? You had great coffee at the coffeeshop, so you bought coffee there and when you came home and prepared it-disappointment. You can prepare good coffee at home also, so here are some tricks that will help you. In this blog we will talk about what you need to pay attention to, in order to prepare good coffee in the comfort of your home.


Firstly we have to chose brewing device. Baristas in coffeeshop will gladly help you with chosing the right device and coffee for your taste. Our individual taste for coffee can differ a lot. Some people prefer turkish coffee, other swear on espresso and we also have filter coffee lovers. We can also chose between coffee that has cream and chocolate flavour profile, with full body or coffee that is packed with fruity and floral tasting notes and are quite transparent in taste. These kind of coffee (fruity and floral) are excelent for filter coffee, while the coffee with big body and creaminess are great for turkish and espresso coffee. Ofcourse the oposite is also possible, since there are no boundaries with coffee.

We gladly help you with choosing the right coffee for your taste


It’s a fact that not every coffee drinker has patience and time to grind their coffee right before preparing it. All coffee proffesionals will always suggest that you grind it before preparing it because that is the only way to rely taste the full flavour of coffee. Pre-ground coffee is loosing aroma as soon as you open the bag, so maybe only the first coffee you make will taste nice. Oxygen is the nr. 1 enemy of coffee flavour. Same is true for coffee beans. We should keep them in a dry, dark adn oxygen free space. Freshly roasted (1-2 weeks after roasting) and freshly ground coffee will always give the best results. We consider freshly roasted coffee as max. 2 months old. After that it begins to loose aromas very quickly. So our recommendation is to grind your coffee right before the use, but the choice is ofcourse yours.

Coffee ready to for grinding


For good coffee we need clean equipment. That basically means clean your gadgets right after the use ar at leat once a week. If you, for example, use moka pot, it’s good to disassemble it every now and then and clean all the parts. The same goes for espresso machine. If your coffee has a burnt taste, coffee dirt can be the reason for that. With different filter gadgets, the biggest problem is limescale, especially if you don’t use filtered water. Luckily most of filter gadgets (Aeropress, v60,…) are made from materials on which limescale buildup is not so common.

Always prepare coffee with clean equipment


This may be surprising but water is a very important component of preparing good coffee. It represents 98% of coffee extraction. We all have different kind of water at home, so theoretically coffee will taste different in each of our home. Some of us have hard water and other have soft water, but almost no one has ideal water. Ideal water is not to hard or to soft and has a right amount of positive minerals. Presence of unwanted minerals and heavy metals can really affect the taste of coffee in a bad way. Coffee can be more bitter and bland. If you want good coffee, no matter where you are, we recommend the use of filtered water. With this kind of water, you will make a huge favour to your organism, coffee gadgets and palates.

Water represents 98% of coffee extraction

The other important information about water is the temperature. In most of the coffee recipes, ideal temperature water is between 87°C and 94 °C. Experiment with temperature and experience the wide world of coffee flavours. Internet is full of coffee recipes, try a few of them out and soon you will develop a grip for choosing the right temperature for your coffee.
!!Attention! Watch out for your kettle, limescale is its biggest enemy. Clean it regularly or use filtered water. Limescale affects coffee flavour!!


Main guise for preparing good coffee is experimenting adn searching for ideal preparation according to your taste. When you find a good recipe, write it down. It will probably work only for one specific coffee, but it can help you navigate through colourful world of coffee flavours. Coffee is one big fun, with endless possibilities. Play with it, taste it and don’t forget to enjoy! 

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