Naturally processed Kenya coffee is a real rarity. In front of you is RUIRU, who bets on his juicy flavors of ringlo and orange. It is a coffee with pleasantly expressed acids, accompanied by a creamy and full taste of milk chocolate.

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Kenya RUIRU- naturally processed coffees from Kenya are a real rarity. In front of you is an interesting taste profile; juicy ringlo and orange, complemented by creamy milk chocolate

REGION: Kiambu

FARM / MILL: Ruiru Mills estate

PROCESS: Special natural

HEIGHT: 1950 m above sea level

HARVESTING: November-March

TYPE: Blue Mountain

FLAVOR PROFILE: Ringlo, Milk Chocolate, Orange


Hand-picking cherries may be a really time-consuming job, but coffee pickers are well aware of the importance of hand-making, ensuring that they only pick ripe cherries. The natural process is a real rarity for Kenyan coffees.
Ripe cherries are selectively picked and defects are removed in a water tank. They choose only the most ripe cherries. Selected cherries are dried in one layer on raised African beds. They are dried for up to 6 weeks. Cherries should be turned periodically to dry evenly and thus prevent the formation of mold. When the coffee reaches its optimum moisture content, it is boned, read again by hand and prepared for the journey.

The Kiambu region (Kenya) is located in the immediate vicinity of Nairobi city. It is known for its long tradition of coffee production and for the large coffee estates built by British colonialists as early as the 20th century. After decolonization, the estates were sold to Kenyans, who still manage them today. Over the years, coffee production has spread throughout Kenya, resulting in a reduction in the amount of coffee produced on the estates and an increase in smaller growers. The old estates still grow coffee, backed by local knowledge and experience.

We are big proponents of freshly ground coffee. In this way, we get all the aromas of individual varieties from coffee. You can also read more about grinding and choosing a grinder on our blog->

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