Kenya KAMUNYAKA AA is a real fruit bomb. We recommend filter coffee and espresso for all those who are really looking for coffee with a high level of fruit acid. This year, lemon, black currant in the background and orange rule.

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Kenya KAMUNYAKA AA- fruit bomb every season. This year she surprised us with a beautifully expressed lemon, black currant and orange, some of which are also reminiscent of juicy grapefruit. For lovers of very fruity coffees.


FARM / MILL: Kamunyaka

PROCESS: Fully washed

HEIGHT: 1600-1900 m above sea level

TRADING: November-December

TYPE: Ruiru 11, SL 28, SL 34 in Batian

FLAVOR PROFILE: Lemon, Black Currant, Orange


Hand-picking cherries may be a really time-consuming job, but coffee pickers are well aware of the importance of hand-making, ensuring that they only pick ripe cherries. On the same day, they are brought to the mill, where they are sorted and boned again. When washing, they use a natural source of water from a local river, and then the grains are dried on African beds for 12-20 days. Every day the grains are turned and the drying progress is monitored. When they see that the outer wrapper (parchment) is dry enough, they send the grains for another deboning and sorting according to size and quality. The grains prepared in this way are stored in GrainPro jute bags and sent to the port of Mombasa (Kenya).


The Iria-ai agricultural cooperative consists of three mills where the surrounding farmers can bring their produce. These mills are Kamunyaka, Kiamwangi and Miiri. The main office is located in the Kamunyaka factory, from where they perform all arrangements, cupping and further transports. The Nyeri region, which also houses the Kamunyaka mill, is surrounded by scenic hills. To the west it borders the forests of Mt. Kenye and is located in a location known as a producer of one of the highest quality coffees in the world.

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