Honduras PACAYAL

Honduras PACAYAL coffee is medium roasted. It has beautifully expressed fruity notes of raspberry, rounded off with milk chocolate and cashew nuts. Ideal for morning awakenings.


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Honduras PACAYAL- beautifully expressed raspberry, accompanied by the sweetness of milk chocolate and the creaminess of cashew nuts

REGION: Márcala

FARM / MILL: Pacayal


HEIGHT: 1300-1700 m above sea level

TRADE: November-February

TYPE: Catuai, Typica and Bourbon

FLAVOR PROFILE: Raspberry, Milk Chocolate, Cashew Nuts

Hand-picking coffee cherries is important as only the most ripe cherries that have developed flavor are picked. After depulpation, the fermentation process begins. The grains are in a collection container with water for about 12 hours. After that, the drying process according to the African method of “sun beds” begins, which lasts 12 to 15 days, depending on weather conditions. When processing coffee, they try to use as little water as possible. Coffee pulp is later used as a fertilizer, and a few percent is used as an ingredient for natural skin exfoliation.


Márcala has been known for over a century as a region where coffee is grown. According to unofficial information, the cultivation of coffee is said to have come here from Guatemala. The first to grow coffee here were the Germans. The region produces 90% of commercial coffee, 7% of premium coffee and only 3% of Specialty coffee.