Hario Skerton

Small but compact coffee grinder. Suitable for home use and traveling. Always have fresh coffee with you.


Hario SKERTON is middle-range coffee grinder, suitable for home use. It has ceramic knives, that will last you a few years. They will provide you with consistent grinding and a much better taste of the coffee.

You can set grind size for different coffee preparations-from turkish coffee to french press. It’s small and practical, suitable for traveling also. This set includes a lid for a container. So you can also pregrind coffee and store it for a few days.

Skerton coffee mill is a good grinder, we recommend it for beginner users and home barista lovers. We guarantee that freshly grinded coffee will make your day better.

Technical sheet:

  • Knives type: ceramic
  • Width: 17,2 cm
  • Height: 23,1 cm
  • Depth: 9,3 cm
  • Capacity: 100g of coffee

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