Handground coffee grinder. Suitable for beginners, amateurs, even professionals.


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“The Handground Grinder is extremely user-friendly.”

The handground grinder is made for everyday use. Its shape allows us to easily grind even the finest coffee grind. We can lean on it and fix it. It is suitable for all coffee preparations – from Turkish (extra fine grinding) to cold brew (very coarse grinding).

Its specialty are marked grinding rates (1-8). The grinder also has half stages (eg 3.5 or 6.5) so that we get as many as 15 different grinding stages. Unlike other grinders, this one has levels marked, which helps us with grinding settings. It is no longer necessary to remember what preparation we had last and what grinding we used. Thanks to this additive, amateur coffee makers set the appropriate grind earlier, which means less waste.

It is especially suitable for home use. Unlike other grinders, it has a grinding handle on the side, which makes grinding easier. The knives are ceramic and shaped to ensure consistent grinding over and over again. You also get a magnet with recipes for the 6 most common coffee preparations.

The housing is made of plastic material, the collection container is made of glass. It has a wooden-metal grinding handle, which is a nice detail.

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