Guatemala BLUE AYARZA is suitable for coffee drinkers who are not looking for fruit acids but want creamy coffee, with a sweet aftertaste. The specialty of this Guatemala is the large and full creamy body, with a very gentle hint of strawberry.

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Guatemala BLUE AYARZA has less pronounced acids. The mouth is full-bodied, with a pleasant creamy texture and a fine sweet aftertaste.

REGION: Santa Rosa

FARM / MILL: Several different small farms

PROCESS: Honey red

HEIGHT: 1400-2000 m.n.v.

TRADING: December-April

TYPE: Catuai, Anacafe14, Pache, Bourbon, San Ramon

TASTE PROFILE: Fruits and nuts, Strawberry dressing, Muesli


The honey process requires a lot of processing knowledge. Coffee is picked after the peak of the harvest, thus ensuring that the mill only gets cherries from the highest areas located above 1500 m.n.v. Small farmers bring coffee to the mill. They mostly carry their own crop, in small quantities. One such grower is also Manuel Martinez, 66, who inherited a coffee farm from his father. Through working with the mill, he expanded his knowledge of coffee, improved coffee production and thus provided better living conditions for his family. Small farmers like him bring their produce to a common mill. The brought coffee is then left in bags, where it ferments overnight, thus achieving additional complexity and sweetness. The next day, the coffee beans are boned and begin to dry. They use a special dry pitter, which leaves more sweet mucus on the coffee bean. After drying, the coffee beans are read again and prepared for a trip around the world.


The Ayarza region is special because of its dramatic landscapes, as well as the ice-cold water from the Ayarza and Azul Lagoons. The lake was formed when two volcanoes collapsed and a crater formed. Due to its natural resources, the region has a huge potential for coffee production, which has not been used yet. A few years of cooperation between locals and foreigners is already beginning to show the fruits of hard work, in the form of more refined coffee flavors and higher quality. The quality of life of local coffee growers is also constantly improving. We can’t wait to be able to try the results of their collaboration in the future.

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Guatemala BLUE AYARZA consists of several different varieties. Interested in more about coffee varieties? Read the short explanation HERE.

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