Colombia DI-VINO

Colombia DI-VINO is mild tasting coffee with creamy mouthfeel. Works great with milk combinations.

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Colombia DI-VINO– creamy and balanced. Works very well with milky drinks.

REGION: South Huila

FARM/MILL: Lote Medina, farmer Reinel Medina


ALTITUDE: 1571 masl

HARVEST: October-January

VARIETAL: Colombian Caturra, Castillo

TASTING NOTES: Caramel, Dark chocolate, Biscuits

This coffee is double fermented. Ripe cherries are dry fermented for 60 hours. They get depulped after and are further fermented for 48 hours. Coffee beans are then washed in the tank and dried in a special parabolic shaped greenhouse-style dryers for around 12-18 days. Beans are handpicked after processing in order to take out any defects. Coffe beans are then prepared for transportation.

Coffee cherries come from 4 smaller farms which are monitored and later processed by farm of Reinel Medina. They are located in Antioquia, of which Medellin in the capital city. Most of coffee farms from these parts use fully washed processing.


1.200 g, 100 g, 250 g