Decaffeinated coffee Colombia CAUCA EL CASCABEL is pleasantly sweet and creamy. The aromas and fruity flavors of currants and limes are gently expressed. Coffee is suitable for anyone who does not want to drink caffeine, but likes the taste of coffee.

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Colombia CAUCA EL CASCABEL is a decaffeinated coffee suitable for all those who are sensitive to caffeine. The new process of decaffeination with sugar cane contributes to a more pronounced taste of the coffee. The coffee is sweet, with gently expressed fruity notes of currant and lime.


FARM / MILL: El Cascabel

PROCESS: Prani + Sugarcane EA decaffeination

HEIGHT: 1800 m above sea level.


TYPE: Caturra, Castillo

FLAVOR PROFILE: Chocolate, Red Currant, Lime


Cherries are picked and sorted by hand at the peak of ripeness. The cherries are then pitted and the mucus removed. They are dried to the desired level of humidity. Then the process of decaffeination begins. Green coffee is first steamed to open the pores through which they will extract caffeine. The coffee is then soaked in ethyl acetate, a naturally occurring compound, and solvent, in the process of fermenting sugar cane. Green coffee is soaked in ethyl acetate, which binds caffeine. The process is repeated several times, taking about 8 hours. Finally, the coffee is steam cleaned again and dried and polished. The coffee processed in this way is ready for the journey to us.


Colombia CAUCA EL CASCABEL coffee comes from a volcanic region located in the central-western part of the Cauca Mountains. The El Cascabel area is known for smaller coffee farms, mostly cultivated by Indogenous peoples belonging to different ethnic groups (Nasa, Inza tribes). Their work is done collectively, not to mention that they have a lot of knowledge about coffee and nature in general, which is passed down to them by oral tradition. The coffee that comes from these areas is known for its strong floral and sweet caramel notes.


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